Wait Yesterday - Yesterday, you were a kid living in your parentís basement. Today, youíre married, with a baby and youíre planning fatherís funeral. TommorowÖ? Sometimes, you just want yesterday to wait.

Pilot Scripts

Soda Jerks - No skills, no sense and "Old Man Tymar's" son breathing down their necks. The Soda Jerks inherit the soda shop they grew up in and find there's more to life than Milkshakes and Maraschino cherries.

No Offense To You, Charlene - Archie Bunker meets Everybody loves Raymond in this multi-racial family comedy about a Latino, an African American and a Jew who marry into an Italian Family in Brooklyn. Based on a true story.

No Life for Men - They make themselves at home, in Starbucks. Any Starbucks...REALLY at home. Comfy chairs, Prop Coffee, a portable poker table; This is No Life For Men.

Split the Difference - Truths in Advertising: 1) Clients have no idea what they want. 2) Actors have no idea what they're doing. 3) At some point, someone will Split the Difference.

Car Guys - Wes will do anything to sell cars, within the limits of honesty and integrity.Vargo Motors will do anything to sell a car; with no limits whatsoever.


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Ellis Island - 1900. Follow the stories of one immigrant or immigrant family, each week, as they embark on a new life in the new world.


Crib Notes - With Writing partner, Matthew Arkin, Iíve written my first book. A compilation of 50 Classics of Western Literature told in rhyme.